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Would you as an individual, company, municipality or other organization, like to cooperate with Kompisbyrån? Today, thousands of fika friends from over 126 countries have come to know each other over a "fika". Many meetings have led to job opportunities. Some to own apartments. And above all, they have led to friendships that unite different countries, cultures, genders, ages, languages and experiences.

We are funded only through partnerships. It is through them that we can help all the thousands of people who want to create a social context in society. Join us on our journey to a more open society in which everyone can feel included and welcome.

You can join us in creating a greater sense of community!

To successfully create a greater sense of community between new and established swedes is one of today's biggest challenges. Do you want to partake in making sure that more new friends meet? Give away a fika meeting! Give 150 SEK by sending a swish to 1236 809 602 or submit your contribution to BG account 386-3982. Thank you for supporting us!


We would like to give you a personal gift certificate as a thank you. Please, send an email to

We are more than happy to speak with you about how you can support Kompisbyrån in several ways. Please don’t hesitate to contact: or

Many thanks to all of you that are involved and really make a difference!

Thanks to...

Axfoundation our main partner through the initiative ÖppnaDörren. The purpose of this collaboration is to get even more new and established Swedes to meet in easy and fun ways as part of everyday life. The work of Kompisbyrån is very well aligned with the rest of the organizations that are part of ÖppnaDörren (Invitationsdepartementet, Svenska med baby och Yrkesdörren), we all work to create those first meetings between potential new friends. ÖppnaDörren is co-financed by European Social Fund.

The municipalities Danderyd, Solna and Tyresö who are working together with us to achieve a greater sense of community.

A special thanks to...

Magnus Malmstedt who has created Kompisbyrån's beautiful orange logo.

Comviq that supports Kompisbyrån's office with cell phones 2018.

TS reklam that supports Kompisbyrån with sweatshirts and tote bags 2018.

inUse which's provided Kompisbyrån with an UX-analyse of our registration process 2018.

Exit Games for the generous visit 2018 - perfect teambuilding activity.

and Alberto Nuñez, Alexandra Arvidson, Carl Lindström, Erik Blandin, Frida Benno-Hjerpe, Gabriella Hernqvist, Hanna Magnusson, Hedda Grew, Jessie Moberg, Johanna Nordin, Jonas Ouadih, Mikael Öhrén, Noa Bachner, Sameer Marmary, Sebastian Stenlund, Stella Hernström, and Stina Wäppling